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/ month*

with 24 month agreement
No Contract plans also available

/ month*

with 24 month agreement
No Contract plans also available

/ month*

with 24 month agreement
No Contract plans also available

* Server hosting, custom. business, multi-location, customer-premise hosting, dedicated, and more services available. Free applies to service only. Taxes, fees, modem rental, and options are not waived. Then current rates apply after 24 months. Custom additional terms and conditions apply. No-commitment pricing options are also available.

The Viser Fiber difference

Viser fiber broadband access is a true fiber broadband. Most fiber broadband services are not actually true fiber, they are fiber and copper: Fiber optic cabling to the exchange at your street, and copper lines to your house or building. And the copper can limit speed and cause reliability issues. Copper technology is 140 plus years old!

Viser brings True Fiber straight to the residence or building for future proof installations.

  • Bufferless Streaming
  • Lag-Free Gaming
  • Extreme Reliability
  • and much more!

How to get Viser Fiber

If we have service in your area, GREAT! Give us a call at (503) 743-0111, email us at, or click here to get the process started.
If not, we prioritize fiber construction areas by interest, so please follow the list below.

  • Register your interest in fiber by sending us an email, or filling out the contact form.
  • Let your neighbors know what you are doing and get them to register interest as well, the more interest we have the faster we can build fiber in your area
  • Let your city know you want to become a fiber city! We work with cities to upgrade them to fiber cities! Have them contact us!


/ month

for 24 months, $99.99 a month afterwards
800GB Data Limit

/ month

for 24 months, $79.95 a month afterwards
500GB Data Limit

/ month

for 24 months, $59.99 a month afterwards
100GB Data Limit

Standard Residential Installation - Includes site survey, assembly of subscriber equipment, up to 25' of network cable, one common structure penetration for cable routing, weather sealant, subscriber module connection to router or PC, testing installed equipment. Subscriber may request additional cable installation at a rate of $.50/ft + $60/h.
Due at Installation - First month's service, SM cost (Rental or Purchase) any optional equipment or installation costs
Subscriber Module Options - Rental: $5.99 Purchase: $150

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